This will guide you through the steps on how to find and buy products on CMS Affiliate Cash. Also, explain how to use our different payment options in order to purchase a product of your choice.


Ever imagined that you could earn a dime online? Then this might just be the opportunity you've been waiting for. CMS Affiliate Cash can help you to achieve your dream. By promoting the products and services on CMS Affiliate Cash website, you can earn extra income with little or no effort.

You can earn commissions as high as 70% on a product or service depending on the affiliate commission rate of the owner of such a product or service. Your commission is paid instantly into your CMS Affiliate Cash account whenever you make a sale.


It is our goal, to guide, & help you make your on-line experience not only a profitable one, but also to provide you with the freedom that having a profitable internet business can deliver. By taking advantage of CMS Affiliate Cash & its powerful features you will definitely learn that achieving these goals are very realistic and very achievable in a short amount of time.


  1. Search and find the desired products by using search box or search categories.

  2. Click on More Details link to view the full features of the product including the product price.

  3. Click on Buy Product link to take you to a page that will give you the full details on how to go about the payment and sending of payment notification.


  1. Click on Register link from the CMS Affiliate Cash homepage and register as an affiliate.

  2. Click on "Affiliate Products" under the search filter link to search for product(s) to be affiliated to.

  3. View the product details to analyze the statistics of the product including the commission placed on the product.

  4. Click on Become an Affiliate link which will lead you to a page that will also prompt you to enter your affiliate username.

  5. If the username is correct, the system automatically generates a unique link for you that will be required to market to people. Each time purchase is made from this generated link, the commission will be deposited into your CMS Affiliate Cash account which you can later request for payout.


  1. Visit this link Click here and fill all necessary fields to register.

  2. Log on with the registered username and password to add products to your account (Note: If you want your products to be displayed on CMS Affiliate Cash ).

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